MedMarket Access, LLC is dedicated to facilitating international market entry of medical device technologies. The two founders have nearly 50 years of experience launching medical devices in Asia and beyond. 

Founders and Board Members

David Smith

Co-Founder & Board Member

David has been based in Japan for 25 years and brings over two decades of distinguished experienced in the medical device business. He has held management positions in entities ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to Japanese distributors/importers providing him with intimate market and cultural knowledge.

During the course of his career, David has overseen multiple new product launches covering a variety of specialties and in multiple Asian markets. His background is rich in the areas of business development, marketing, sales, regulatory, quality as well as in regional distributor management.

David completed his undergraduate degree at Illinois State University and Nanzan University (Nagoya, Japan) in Asian studies and International Business.

David and Kirk both started their medical device careers working for a Japanese medical devices manufacturer and distributor.  David and Kirk met when they were both students at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan.

Kirk Zeller

Co-Founder & Board Member

Kirk has 25 years of medical device industry experience in sales and marketing, market development, and business development. Kirk has led and executed the launch of medical devices for neuro, cardiac, vascular, spine, and pulmonary. Kirk built the Micrus business in Asia and successfully launched many medical devices in Asia.  Kirk has spent much of his career launching devices developed by Silicon Valley start-ups. He has studied business in seven countries including Japan, China, and India and spent 10 years of his life working/studying in Japan.

Kirk has a Doctorate of Business Administration from the International School of Management (Paris) and an MBA from Imperial College London (London) focused on Health Technology Entrepreneurship.  His doctoral dissertation and masters thesis were focused on the medical device industry and the topics were respectively, “European Market Entry Strategies for Venture Capital Financed Medical Device Companies” and “Financing and Beyond: The Role of Venture Capital in Silicon Valley Based Medical Device Companies.” Kirk completed his undergraduate studies at Nanzan University (Nagoya), Senshu University (Tokyo), and University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Lincoln, Nebraska - US).

David and Kirk both started their medical device careers working for a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of medical devices.  David and Kirk met when they were both students at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan.

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