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Asia MedMarket Access (AMMA) is working to identify innovative medical device technologies developed by companies in Asia which would benefits patients in the United States.  AMMA plans to leverage its Silicon Valley location to facilitate launch in the United Sates or collaboration with American companies.

Demanding demographic challenges combined with technological acumen continue to seed unique medical device technologies from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and beyond. Whereas these markets have traditionally been net medical device importers, increasingly they are developing and releasing compelling new devices that can benefit patient populations and health-care systems worldwide.

AMMA seeks to partner with Asia-Pacific businesses interested in expanding outside their local markets.  AMMA can offer assistance in entering the world's largest medical market (US) and can also utilize partners in the EU for capable and experienced support in that region as well.

AMMA's bases in both Japan and Silicon Valley bring us access to the technologies as well as numerous potential partners for them.  

"AMMA is keen to identify products developed by innovative companies in Asia which would benefit patients in the United States."

Kirk Zeller

Co-Founder, Managing Director US

If your company has a product which you beleive would benefit patients in the United States please contact us.

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